Ashutosh (Ashu) moved to Canada in the summer of 2019. He was a recent immigrant looking to find a place to call home before his wife Gesu arrived. He knew what he wanted and partnered with Joel to run through a long list of potential properties.


Joel grabbed every property on the list and booked a full afternoon of showings. The only problem was, Ashu wasn’t there. While it’s normal for clients to run a little late, Ashu was absent for more than half an hour, pushing the afternoon’s timeslots beyond redemption. After a phone call from Ashu 45 minutes later, he explained the mix-up and Joel moved quickly to reschedule for the next day. Ashu arrived on time and they struck a great friendship.


After a couple of showings, Ashu decided to hold off on finding a property until Gesu arrived. Ashu and Joel spent the next week examining rental units in a highly competitive rental market. They found one in Yorkville that checked all his boxes and waited for Gesu for the green light.


Ashu and Gesu settled into the ideal condo in January of 2021. They’d navigated an unfamiliar market with ease with the help of a trustworthy guide that knew exactly what steps they needed to take to secure what they were looking for. They’d found someone genuine to join their team and are excited to work with him again down the road.
Hi, I’m Joel, a real estate professional based in Toronto.

My approach is simple—I put you first. I believe in open communication, total transparency, and meaningful results. I’ll guide you through the real estate process, market values, and always keep the focus on you—and your needs.