Evan had just moved to Toronto upon graduating from Queen’s University and was looking for a rental. Joel quickly helped Evan find the perfect rental unit over the course of a weekend.

Evan was so pleased with Joel’s level of service that they kept in touch throughout the years. So when Evan eventually got engaged to Victoria and had a son named Oliver, they called on Joel to help them find the perfect home for each of life’s major milestones.


The first time around, Evan was not familiar with the Toronto market and struggled to get in touch with agents until one of his friends connected him to Joel.

The second time, Evan and Victoria were in desperate need of a larger rental space that could accommodate their growing family.

The third time, Evan and Victoria decided that they were ready to purchase a home outside of the city –– but they had trouble doing so due to COVID-19 restrictions.


The first time Joel helped Evan, he assessed the options available to Evan and walked him through half a dozen rentals. Joel helped Evan find the perfect rental space in only a weekend.

The second time, Joel took Evan and Victoria through 10 condominiums. Joel helped them secure a lease on a cozy two-bedroom condominium in the West end.

The third time, Joel presented Evan and Victoria with over a dozen homes in Cobourg and PEC until they landed on a beautiful home in Cobourg.


Joel helped Evan and Victoria find the perfect home throughout the different stages of life –– from early rentals to purchasing their forever home.

Evan and Victoria have settled happily into their new home. They were grateful to have Joel on their side, walking them through the entire process of renting, leasing and purchasing.

“Joel treated us like family at every step of the way. He helped us find the right home at the right time –– multiple times. We can honestly say that Joel is a great family friend now!” – Evan & Victoria

Hi, I’m Joel, a real estate professional based in Toronto.

My approach is simple—I put you first. I believe in open communication, total transparency, and meaningful results. I’ll guide you through the real estate process, market values, and always keep the focus on you—and your needs.