Kyle and Melanie were ambitious and optimistic about securing a new home. They understood what they wanted and weren’t planning on settling for anything less. However, as first-time buyers, they experienced a great deal of anxiety.


The couple chatted with Joel over a couple of beers while interviewing another agent on the side. When they decided to partner with Joel, he was more than ready to work with them. He got started by narrowing down their search, picking through listings, and booking showings that fulfilled their wishlist. The thrill of the chase led to many disappointments, but Joel assured them that their patience would pay off in the end.


The perfect home was love at first sight. With faux wood paneling, shag carpet, and windows from the 70s, the home needed a bit of an update—but, as always, Kyle and Mel knew exactly what needed to be done. They rushed to make an offer, but were rejected without a signback. The lawyer stood firm on the price despite the property having been on the market for several months. Again, Joel reassured them that patience was key.


A month later, the home dropped in price and Joel moved quickly to make it theirs. They put their best offer forward—and it was theirs. A handful of renovations later and Kyle and Mel have created an absolutely stunning house and a long-term investment. They’re more than glad to have put their trust in Joel, who’s waiting to see what they accomplish in the future.
“Joel’s fun to work with and was able to keep us grounded through an otherwise stressful time with his relatable attitude and sense of humor. I can not recommend him enough! Thanks for all your help Joel!” – Melanie R.

Hi, I’m Joel, a real estate professional based in Toronto.

My approach is simple—I put you first. I believe in open communication, total transparency, and meaningful results. I’ll guide you through the real estate process, market values, and always keep the focus on you—and your needs.