There’s a lot to consider when purchasing a house in downtown Toronto. Things like: what neighbourhood, house or condo, nearby schools. The list goes on and on.

It’s no secret Toronto features a diverse downtown community with no shortage of character and experiences. Those who find the perfect home in the city find themselves within walking distance of all the museums, restaurants, parks, and theaters that the city has to offer.

Are you looking to buy a home or condo around the Toronto area or the GTA but not sure where to start? With so many neighbourhoods available in Toronto, it’s worth going over some of the best ones if you’re in the market for a new house or condominium.

Factors to Consider in Your Decision

Because you’ll likely be staying for quite a while, choosing a new house or condo as your next living quarters should be a meticulous process. What exactly should you be looking for in a new neighbourhood that you’re considering?

  • The types of properties: Depending on the neighbourhood, the kinds of properties on offer might be regular homes, detached houses, townhouses, or condos. They could be of different ages, with some built vintage while others are new developments. And, of course, the amount of living and storage space you need should be a factor.
  • Local businesses: Neighbourhoods are partly defined by the people living in them but also the businesses and restaurants surrounding the area. Take a look at some of the grocery stores, framer’s markets, restaurants, and convenience stores around town before moving in.
  • Social activity: How active is the neighbourhood? Some locations have tightly-knit communities where finding enough neighbors to socialize with won’t be a problem. On the flipside, you might prefer a quieter area. Other questions to ask yourself are what the demographics of the area are and whether the location is kid-friendly if you have children.
  • Outdoor amenities: The TTC subway and railcar system is the main source of public transportation for most Toronto neighbourhoods. On top of that, you can generally find schools and daycares for the kids, parks and green spaces for your pets, and swimming pools or recreation centers for yourself.
  • Potential issues: Are there known issues in the community, such as sources of pollution, animal infestations, or traffic congestion? It’s worth knowing about these before committing to a new home.

Price is often the first and only decision for some hasty buyers, but keeping these considerations in the back of your mind will ensure that you find a happy life in your new place.

Downtown Toronto Neighbourhood Guide

Let’s look at some popular neighbourhoods now that you have some of those factors in mind. Most of these locations are either within downtown or close to it via walking or public transportation.

North Toronto

North Toronto is home to many houses, recreational parks, and schools, both public and private, making it an excellent home for families with children. Even younger homeowners have a chance to enjoy the bars, nightclubs, and movie theaters located on Yonge and Eglinton. A few hotspots to check out include:

  • The North Toronto Community Centre with a gymnasium, a track, a waterslide, and other sporting facilities.
  • Sherwood Park’s scenic walking trail.
  • Eglinton Park includes a children’s playground and courts for baseball and tennis among other things. There’s even an ice rink in the wintertime.
  • The Northern District Public Library for adults and children alike to read up on their favorite books.

North Toronto is close enough to Highway 401 and Allen Expressway, providing excellent access to outside the city for drivers. Other travelers can still use the bus routes and the local TTC subway line.


Cabbagetown is a popular neighbourhood with a strong sense of community, apparent in the yearly Cabbagetown Fall Festival that runs every September. Some features to look out for are:

  • The Old Cabbagetown shopping district and its little brother, Carlton Street.
  • Riverdale Park and its associated farm. Sports fields are available alongside the Lower Don Recreation Trail.
  • The Community Arts Centre for music and dance.
  • Accessibility to buses, streetcars, and the subway line.

A unique aspect of the neighbourhood is the attention to detail in its architecture. The Cabbagetown Preservation Association exists to make sure that all new developments stay in line with the town’s history.

King West Village

Ideal for young professionals, this urban neighbourhood is within walking distance of downtown Toronto and its associated Entertainment District. It’s a fast-growing community with a special emphasis on condominium development. Features include:

  • Chinatown and Kensington Market for restaurants and international goods.
  • St. Andrew’s Market and Playground, a small park at Bathurst and Adelaide that’s famous for being the first Toronto park to include a children’s playground.
  • Victoria Memorial Square, Toronto’s first military cemetery.
  • Air Canada Centre and Rogers Centre, the perfect visits for any sports fan.
  • Galleries, live theater, and musical performances on King Street.
  • Proximity to the Toronto waterfront trail for running and cycling.

With a wide selection of art galleries, furniture stores, and fitness-related businesses, King West Village is a strong cultural center. Of course, there are always the grocery and general stores nearby for accessibility.

High Park

Potential homeowners who are looking for a high-end location should consider High Park. There are homes and rentals for families and singles alike, and the neighbourhood can be recognized by its distinctive brick houses with stained glass windows. It’s home to:

  • Humberside Collegiate Institute, a well-regarded school.
  • The Junction Gardens retail district.
  • The Bloor West Village shopping district, the perfect spot for European bakeries, cafes, and restaurants.
  • Sporting facilities for tennis, baseball, swimming, soccer, skating, and cycling.
  • Outdoor playgrounds for picnics, fishing, and other activities.

Despite the high-end nature, there are some more budget-friendly condominium apartments along Quebec Avenue. Most come with balconies. While the area in general is not too cheap, High Park is almost unbeatable in terms of transit options, recreation, and greenspace.

Liberty Village

We recommend Liberty Village to creative professionals thanks to its opportunities for careers in media, technology, and design. Complemented by a red brick architecture reminiscent of Victorian Industrial design, Liberty Village includes:

  • The Dominion supermarket and shopping area.
  • Toronto’s Entertainment District and sporting venues like Air Canada Centre.
  • Proximity to the Waterfront trail used by joggers, cyclists, and even skaters.
  • Streetcar access to downtown Toronto.

Enjoy the various art galleries, coffee shops, and design stores around the city when you pick a house or condominium in Liberty Village.

Humber Valley Village

Finally, the family-oriented Humber Valley Village is one of the best neighbourhoods for senior citizens and retirees. Those who live here enjoy the look of the English manor houses outside the city while still having access to downtown, which is less than a half hour drive away. There are also:

  • St. George’s Golf and Country Club, one of the nation’s best golf courses.
  • The Humber River Park Trail for biking and hiking.
  • Access to baseball, tennis, and cycling areas.
  • The Humbertown Shopping Centre has anything from high-end boutiques to clothing stores.
  • Bus and subway lines for easy travel even without a vehicle.

Home to many townhouses, condos, and bungalows, prospective home and condo owners should consider Humber Valley Village for its unique offerings.

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